Mission Statement

The object of this club shall be to educate the populace as to benefit and realities our profession has to offer; to provide an access for information to prospective students who may be considering this profession; to provide a forum for students, faculty, parents, and professionals for discussing the problems and concerns of everyday college life; to promote academics and moral standards of those students in the Occupational therapy Assistant Program.

Philosophical Base of Occupational Therapy
Man is an active being whose development is influenced by the use of purposeful activity. Using their capacity for intrinsic motivation, human beings are able to influence their physical and mental health and their social and physical environment through purposeful activity. Human life includes a process of continual adaptation. Adaptation is a change in function that promotes survival and self-actualization. Biological, psychological, and environmental factors may interrupt the adaptation process at any time through the life cycle. Dysfunction may occur when adaptation is impaired. Purposeful activity facilitates the adaptive process.

Occupational Therapy is based on the belief that purposeful activity (occupation) including its interpersonal and environmental components, may be used to prevent and mediate dysfunction and to elicit maximum adaptation. Activity as used by the therapist includes both intrinsic and therapeutic purpose.

Faculty Advisor
LuAnn Demi

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