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Welcome to Chi Gamma Iota,

We are the veterans of Penn State Harrisburg.

Our goal is to provide support for our fellow veterans attending Penn State and to assist in our local community when possible.

Penn State Harrisburg

As an honor society we assist each other to obtain the information needed to succeed while attending Penn State Harrisburg. 

We have a variety of skills and backgrounds that enable us to provide additional help when tutoring is not meeting a members needs.

We are a community that can relate to your experiences.  Come relax and enjoy some time with other veterans.

Local Community

We are always looking for ways we can maintain bonds with the military in the local area.  If you have an idea please drop on of our leaders a line.

Our veterans have been dealing with the VA on a variety of issues for years.  If you are having issues with them one of our members may have already been through the same type of problem and be able to offer some advice.  We are not experts, but sometimes hearing how someone else fixed their issues can help with yours.