Automatic Web Page Password Creator

Password protection is a common and desirable feature for some pages of your web site. The Student Activity Server Committee endorses the htaccess method of password protection. As we work on upgrading the web server, we will also change how you need to set up password protection. At this stage, we still need to perform some setup for you, but this page should speed up that process.


  1. Enter your club's directory (main URL) in the space below.
  2. Choose a subdirectory off of your club's directory to be protected, and enter it below.
  3. In htaccess password protection, you will need to provide a "title" for the password prompt. This is known as the "realm", and you should specify it below.
  4. Choose your web account username and password. This "account" may be shared, unlike your Penn State Access Account password. This password will only be used for your protected web pages. Thus, you should never use the same password here as you use elsewhere.
  5. Finally enter your Access Account userid so we can confirm you are on the webteam. You will be notified of the change.
  6. If you need additional accounts, or groups, let us know. For now, we handle those manually.

Use the following form:

Organization's URL: eg. "sas"

Directory: The "Directory" must be a sub-directory of your organization's URL, eg. "secret" or "members_only".

Realm: The title for the password prompt, such as "Members Only"

Web Account Username: Password: Verify password:

All passwords must be 6 to 8 characters long. You may also use the symbols: @ # $ % ^ & * + - | \ / = _ ~ ` ' " ( ) { } [ ] < > , . ? ! in your password. Your passwords here should NOT be the same password you use for email, FTP or other PSU services.

Access Account: for authorization and confirmation - must be on webteam

Contact Student Activity Server Committee for assistance.