We Are...Penn State Martial Arts!

Penn State Delaware County

Welcome to the Martial Arts Club website!


Club Description:

         The Penn State Delco. Martial Arts Club is made up of          students who share an interest and desire in martial arts.           Various forms of martial arts including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,          judo, and   self defense techniques are practiced and members          are taught to build skills through hands-on application.


Meeting times:

         Every Tuesday and Thursday during common hour (11:30-         12:45) in the auxiliary gym at the Commons Building.  This          club meets the whole academic year and only takes off for the          summer. 


The Basics:

         Members will learn the art of sparring (similar to kick-         boxing) and grappling (similar to wrestling).  These basic          forms lead into other variations and forms of martial arts          including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  We welcome all forms and          encourage those with prior experience to offer their expertise          and insight.



         We also learn other skills such as breaks. 



         Members are taught self-discipline and control of their body          and mind to accomplish such feats.



         The only requirement is that members are committed to the          club and participate.  Prior experience, though helpful, is not          required. 



         This club will perform in martial arts demonstrations to show          other students the skills and capabilities of our members.  We          also participate in events around campus with other clubs and          our own events.  This is a very active club. 


Want to join?

         Please contact the club through the contact information below.           We encourage all to join and no prior experience is required.



         Howard Derby (Pres.) hdd116@psu.edu or

         Wayne Williams wpw5000@psu.edu