• Congrats to our 2016 Dancers!!

    Congratulations to our 6 dancers: Katie Zambanini, Carly Barbour, Kaylee Grindrod, Chaz Miller, Harry Welsh, and Mike Serago! This year we received six dancers, a new record for Berks, who will represent our campus and our families as they stand for 46 hours!

    If you would like to send the dancers mail to motivate them during the 46 hours please use the following format:

    ATTN: Mail Call

    [Dancer number]

    [Dancer name]

    227D Hetzel Union Building (Hub)

    University Park, PA 16802

    Dancer Numbers:

    15A: Carly Barbour                    15B: Katie Zambanini

    16A: Harry Welsh                     16B: Mike Serago

    17A: Kaylee Grindrod               17B: Chaz Miller

    Please make sure the package or letter is postmarked by Feb. 9th!


    1st Place in Homecoming Parade!

    Berks Benefitting THON competed in the Homecoming Float Building Contest for Berks Homecoming 2015. The theme was the 1960's. We built a yellow submarine modeled after the song "Yellow Submarine" by popular 60's band the Beatles. The portholes feature our THON children, Laney, Jason, and Natalie. The display brought home 1st place and we received a donation as a prize!! How groovy! Thank you to everyone who came out!


  • Meet the 2016 Dancers!

    Carly Barbour: Junior, Business major. She adores cats!

    Kaylee Grindrod: Sophomore, Applied Psychology major. She loves to travel!

    Chaz Miller: Sophomore, Accounting major. He knows how to folk dance!

    Mike Serago: Junior, IST major. He loves Apple Products!

    Harry Welsh: Junior, Security and Risk major. He loves to play golf!

    Katie Zambanini Senior, Communication Arts and Sciences major. She loves panera Mac and Cheese!