Over the weekend of September 25th-27th Berks Benefitting THON stood on intersections and storefronts collecting donations. With the help of our supportive community we were able to raise $21,612.32! This is more than $5,000 over what we were able to raise at this time last year. Thank you to all of those who have helped and are continuing to help us! We cannot wait to see what the 2016 season has to bring! FTK Always and Forever!


    1st Place in Homecoming Parade!

    Berks Benefitting THON competed in the Homecoming Float Building Contest for Berks Homecoming 2015. The theme was the 1960's. We built a yellow submarine modeled after the song "Yellow Submarine" by popular 60's band the Beatles. The portholes feature our THON children, Laney, Jason, and Natalie. The display brought home 1st place and we received a donation as a prize!! How groovy! Thank you to everyone who came out!


    New Executive Board 2016

    Thank you to all of those who have helped and are continuing to help us out in yet another record breaking year! We would like to introduce to you the THON 2016 Executive Board.

    OVERALL EXECUTIVE: Samantha Gerhard & Alexandria Shewell

    FUNDRAISING: Harry Welsh

    TLC: Michael Serago

    OVERALL: Jimmy Cole

    DAR: Michael Aboulhouda & Tyler Farina

    FINANCE: Charles Miller IV

    FAMILY RELATIONS: Jessie Zurat

    MERCHANDISE: Parker Harley

    TECHNOLOGY: Kaylee Grindrod

  • The 2015-16 Exec board met with the families for an ice cream social to get to know the new members at Sweet Frog! They had a blast and of course got to eat delicious frozen yogurt. Thank you families and Sweet Frog!