Jason was 2 when we took him to a regular checkup and the doctor noticed that his liver was somewhat enlarged.  They sent us for an ultrasound the next day and then to Hershey the following day.  After CT scans they put us in a room with a Pediatric Surgeon, Oncologist and Social worker, the Surgeon turned on the light with Jason scan in the background and said, “Here is your son’s tumor”.  Just like that life was turned upside down.

We were scheduled immediately to come back the next day to have surgery to have a Broviac placed so they could start Chemotherapy on the weekend.  Jason had six rounds of Chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, it was too large to simply do surgery on, and it was approximately the size of a grapefruit.

The tumor responded well to chemotherapy, however Jason still had problems with weight loss, and other issues that landed him in the hospital time and time again.  There was one stretch that he was in for over a month straight.  After the tumor was down to the size of an egg, Jason had surgery in Pittsburgh.

We were home within one week of Jason having two thirds of his liver resected.  After some recovery time he had two more rounds of chemotherapy just in case there were still cancer cells in his body.  After about an 8-9 month battle Jason was done all his treatment and relegated to monthly testing at Hershey, which gradually went to every other month, to every six months to yearly.  Jason has now been cancer free since Feb-Mar of 2004, over 10 years!!!!  The only thing Jason has to deal with every day is some hearing loss, for which he wears hearing aids.  Other than that Jason is a normal happy 14 year-old!!!

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