• Overall: Alex Miller (ABM5234@psu.edu)

    Major: Applied Psychology
    Year: Junior
    Fun Facts: THON 2013 Dancer, Rugby Player, and loves reese's peanut butter cups

  • Fundrasing: Katie Eggert (KLE5154@psu.edu)

    Major: Applied Psychology
    Year: Junior
    Fun Facts: THON 2013 Dancer, loves baking cupcakes, and obsessed with Disney Princess


  • Canning: Jimmy Cole (JHC5166@psu.edu)

    Major:Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Year: Junior
    Fun Facts: Professional Golfer, loves the beach, and obsessed Penn State Football

  • Family Relations: Kayla Welch (KMW5478@psu.edu)

    Major: Elementary Education
    Year: Senior
    Fun Facts: Loves Disney's World, Lion Ambassadors, and loves her niece dearly

  • Public Relations: Angie Koval (AHK5110@psu.edu)

    Major: Communication and Science Disorders
    Year: Sophomore
    Fun Facts: Loves Minions, was hypnotized, and is obsessed with Luke Bryan

  • Technology: Cody Yackanicz (CMY5094@psu.edu)

    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Year: Sophomore
    Fun Facts: Loves playing all sports, has been to Belize and Jamaica, and wants to travel New Zealand

  • Donor Alumni Relations: John Ginder (JOG5211@psu.edu)

    Major: Kinesiology
    Year: Senior
    Fun Facts: Loves hockey, has met more famous people than a normal person, and enjoys playing soccer

  • Donor Alumni Relations: Danielle Cummings (DVC5193@psu.edu)

    Major: Business with an HRIM concentration
    Year: Junior
    Fun Facts: Afraid of killer whales, has never traveled outside the country, and loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse

  • Treasurer: Bri Lackman (BML5272@psu.edu)

    Major: Biology Minor: Pyschology
    Year: Junior
    Fun Facts: Overly obsessed with GLITTER, runs 50 miles a day, enjoys eating chocolate chip cookies, and loves fruits

  • Merchandise: Kenny Whiteman (KSW5103@psu.edu)

    Major: Business
    Year: Senior
    Fun Facts: Likes to kayak, loves the Phillies, and enjoy long walks in the park

  • SGA Rep: Megan Yost (MAY5091@psu.edu)

    Major: Biology
    Year: Sophomore
    Fun Facts: Drives a Mercedes, loves watching Pretty Little Liars, and her puppy

  • Advisors:

    Alexa Wojciechowski (ATW3@psu.edu)

    Kristen Phillips (KMH5250@psu.edu)