SGA Committees

Please note that positions will be filled during the Summer semester for the following academic year and as openings occur throughout the year.

    Required Qualifications
  • Currently registered full-time student at Penn State Berks.
    Knowledgeable of campus issues and atmosphere.
    Hold a 2.0 GPA at all times.
    Willing and able to put in upwards of 10 hours a week for planning, meetings, and other duties.
    Able to attend weekend conferences at University Park and other Commonwealth Campuses.
    Able to attend occasional events across the state that includes Capital Day, All-U-Day, and Board of Trustees meetings.
All Staff Duties
  • Correspond with his/ her committee on a weekly basis to inform them of progress and campus wide matters.
    Meet with his/ her committee when necessary to gather opinions and conduct business when necessary.
    Attend their respective CCSG committee meetings during 6 Council Weekends. (Fri-Sat)
    Inform the SGA Chief of Staff on the committee?s progress on a weekly basis in the form of a formal report.
    Attend staff only meetings and SGA General Assembly meetings to give progress reports and updates.