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The Penn State Berks Chemical Society will be working to build awareness of green chemistry at the Penn State Berks Campus. Below are several resources to explore the ACS green chemistry initiative. Please feel free to browse through the many articles, activities, podcasts, and links to fulfill your need to stay green!





Chemistry plays a role in all sorts of green chemistry, from urine powered batteries to determining how alligator fat can be used in making biodiesel fuel. Biosustatinability is a necessary future of mankinds', and even now we are witnessing the roots of an amazing field! Learn more at the links below.






Science can lead to better understanding of new solutions to many of society’s problems including environmental and health issues. In order to achieve this, the best science should be available to, and used by, government officials when making decisions. To achieve confidence in government decisions that depend upon science and technology, science must be considered in an open and responsible manner. ACS supports efforts to:

  • Encourage environmental decisions that promote sustainable resource usage and waste prevention in an economically viable chemical enterprise.
  • Foster the development and adoption of green products and processes by industry, academia, and government.
  • Assure appropriate, balanced use of voluntary and regulatory measures in achieving environmental, health, safety, and security goals and promote the responsible use of science in environmental management.
  • Encourage appropriate global harmonization of environmental, health, and safety initiatives to promote science and technology around the globe.
  • Promote institutions and guidelines to assure that governments make appropriate and open use of scientific and technological information in making policy decisions.
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