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Supermileage subtitle

Supermileage is a student competition held at the Eaton Corporation Proving Grounds in Marshall, Michigan in early June.  The goal of the competition is to get the highest fuel economy (miles per gallon) from a student designed and built vehicle.  The Behrend team travels by van, with a trailer containing the supermileage vehicle, parts, and tools.  This is generally a friendly competition, and most teams are willing to describe what they have done in design of their vehicle.

Design and construction of a vehicle requires many skills, so anyone willing to participate is welcome.  A written report to the sponsors is a required part of the competition, and a safety inspection prior to running on the track.  Speeds may be low, but mileage is high, and excitement is higher.

The next plateau for performance by a Behrend vehicle is 1000 miles per gallon.  Come help make it happen!

View photos and videos of the 2007 Supermileage Vehicle Competition