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Society of Automotive Engineers Subtitle

Welcome to Behrend’s SAE Club home page. 

SAE International is an international organization dedicated to mobility engineering.  There has been an SAE club at Behrend since 1995.  The national organization began as the Society of Automobile Engineers and since 1916 has provided specifications for aerospace and off-highway equipment as well.

Many members of the SAE club at Behrend are interested in the technology of automobiles, and the club has been the home to teams that have entered SAE national Aero Design®, Mini Baja, and Supermileage competitions.  There are three types of activities sponsored by the SAE club in recent years:  guest speakers on topics related to transportation issues and technology, ‘teardowns’ of automotive systems such as engines, and competitive student projects such as Supermileage.

The SAE club welcomes members from any academic discipline at Behrend.