Chapter Fellowship

Every week chapter fellowship is held held, it is primarily held in Reed 117, but the location could change. Meetings are every Thursday night at 7:30pm. Meetings feature guest speakers, praise and worship, missions focus, fellowship and a variety of other aspects. Everyone is welcome to join us at any of our meetings.

Prayer Meetings

Monday - 12:15 - McGarvey Commons

Tuesday - 11:30 - RUB

Wednesday - 7:30 - REDC Cafe

Thursday - 2:30 - RUB

Friday - 12:30 - RUB

Time of Prayer

Wednesday - 5-7pm - Reed 117

Community Groups

Throughout the week various community groups meet to do Bible studies and have fellowship within a smaller setting.

Community Group Times

Monday - Women's CG - 8:30pm - RUB

Tuesday - Men's CG - 7:30 - Apt 504 (Champlain Hall)

If you cannot make it to your respective community group please contact Andrew Makepeace (