About the Club

The Penn State Behrend Equestrian Team will provide the competitive framework for riders from all backgrounds, race, gender, and financial status, a professional and supportive environment who’s goal is to help encourage new riders to begin competing and hoan the more experienced show rider to excel. Intercollegiate competition is unique in that it is not necessary for riders to own their horse or their own equipment. The team is a member of a national organization where members accumulate points throughout the season for a potential position in the regional and national tournaments.

The only requirement to join the team is an interest in horses and a desire to become a better rider. Prior experience is not necessary and every member will be given an equal opportunity to ride and practice.

Joining the team does not mean you will be required to compete your first year. Our coach, Lew Trumble, will make the decision as to which riders will be competing and no rider will be entered into a class they are not ready for. The purpose of the team is to make every member a better rider and it will remain the utmost priority. Riding is a very expensive activity, and all members must be prepared to pay for part of their lessons and participate in fundraising events. The team uses the money raised to pay for some lessons, travel expenses and entry fees. Joining the team does not mean you will just come and ride for free, you will be making a commitment and we will expect you to honor it.


Horseback riding is can be an extremely expensive sport.  Although sometimes expensive, for the people involved if they really enjoy horses and learning how to become a better rider the expense isn't really thought of as an expense but an investment.   

Equipment Purchase

Basic equipment needs for general English-style horseback riding are a certified helmet, a pair of breeches and a pair of boots with a small heel.  If you plan to enter into horseshows you must purchase a pair of tall black boots, a pair of light colored breeches (ideally beige), a hunt coat (black or navy blue is ideal) and a pair of black gloves.  Purchasing used equipment is a good way to cut down on the costs and members many times borrow equipment from other members who have some extras to share.  There are a number of local tack stores that you can buy equipment from, or you could purchase your equipment online:

    - Stateline Tack(This is THE ULTIMATE online horsemanship tack store.  They have everything you need that is horse related.)

    - Stagecoach West (This is a very large western and English tack shop.  Only about 40 minutes from Penn State Behrend)
            Corner Routes 5 and 20
            Silver Creek, NY 14136
            (716) 934-4771

    - The Horse Place (This is a smaller tack shop.  Nice service and they will order in what you need.  Only about 25 minutes from Penn State Behrend)
            5050 Hamot Street
            McKean, PA 16426
            (814) 476-7878

    - TLC Tack Shop (This is a small tack shop.  Only about 10 minutes from Penn State Behrend)
            5158 Peach Street
            Erie, PA 16509
            (814) 866-5294


Lessons at Brenric Stables are $22 per hour in a group lesson.  Each club member that participates in the IHSA shows for the PSU Behrend Riding Club is required to come to one practice per week.  Fundraising done by the team help to reduce the costs of our practices.  Our club tries to do at least 2 fundraisers per semester.  Also, we sometimes receive funding from the school, which reduces the costs of our practices dramatically. 


Each member that wishes to show and have their riding skills be judged professionally at the IHSA shows must buy an IHSA membership each year they plan to compete.  Individual memberships are $30, and can be purchased through the IHSA website.

Show fees are $22 per class.  Members that have proven themselves in Level 3 or above are eligible to compete in a jumping class as well as a flat class, but the final decision is made by the coach.  

Coaching Fees are $75 per show, which are split up among the members who are taking part in the show. 

Gas money and food are another showing expense.

If members do not have the necessary show equipment they will have to purchase or borrow it from another member.