Joining Us

  • Pledging DSP is a fun and enjoyable learning experience that is very rewarding.
  • Once you receive a bid the pledging process begins. This is a seven week process used to educate you about the fraternity, our chapter and to allow you to get to know the Brothers.
  • You are not alone! Every pledge will select a Big Brother to help assist the Vice President Pledge Education and their Little Brother to complete the Pledge program. And lastly you will be working as a group with you entire pledge class, and they will help you through the entire process as well as you will help them.
  • As a class, the pledges are required to put on a Professional, Community Service, and Fundraising event. As a class the pledges must also attend one weekly meeting of the chapter and a small percentage of the chapters events.
  • Pledge classes spend approximately three to five hours for each of the seven weeks fulfilling the pledge requirements.