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frequently asked



Does ASA participate in the hazing of new members?

Absolutely not. We have a very strict 100% no hazing policy. If a new member feels like she is being hazed, we encourage her to report it to us immediately.


What are the advantages of being in a sorority?

There are many. First and foremost, joining a sorority creates life-long bonds with fellow sisters. It also gives individuals the chance to get more involved both on-campus and the community. It gives real life experience with with a large group of diverse people. Many scholarship opportunities are also given to sisters of ASA.


How much does it cost?

The first semester is the most expensive. Dues are $285 (as of Fall '07). After the first semester, they fall drastically to $190. Alpha Sigma Alpha has the lowest dues amongst the Behrend Greeks. We ask girls to not let the money scare their interest away. Payment plans and fund raisers are available to those who need them.


Who is eligible to join?

Penn State Behrend is currently following the 01 Rule. This means, you must be at least a 2nd semester Freshman. A 2.25 is required to be eligible and remain active within the sorority, and a 2.50 is required to hold an Executive Board position.


Have anymore questions? Please feel free to email them to me at pmd5020@psu.edu.