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The Theta Iota Chapter Alumni Advisory Board

Current Board Members

Chapter Director Rich Capraun
Faculty Advisor (vacant)
Housing Advisor (vacant)
Member Education Advisor (vacant)
Alumni Comptroller (Finance Advisor) (vacant)
Alumni Advisor (vacant)
Recruitment Advisor (vacant)


Sigma Pi Fraternity has initiated a new program to help all of their chapters and colonies in improving and maintaining their alumni involvement. We feel that one of the keys to a successful organization is the involvement of a core group of alumni advisors to help assist and guide our undergraduates with different aspects of chapter operations. The bottom line is this: if our chapter is to be successful, we need strong alumni support. Below you will find a basic outline for the different positions that an alumni advisor can hold. The Alumni Advisory Board is not voted on; they do not have or need bylaws or corporation status. The Alumni Advisory Board is there for one reason; to act as a guide for the undergraduates. Advisors can be anyone; they do not have to be Sigma Pi brothers.

Our chapter is desperately trying to fill these positions. Keep in mind that you do not have to live in the area to hold one of these positions. Please read through the description of each position, if you feel that you have the ability, and commitment to fulfill one of these positions, or if you would like further information, please contact our current First Counselor, Pat Quinn.

Chapter Director: The main role of the Chapter Director is to act as a guide for the undergraduates with their everyday chapter operations. He is also the liaison between the chapter and the Province Archon and the Executive Office. The Chapter Director helps with officer training, finances, paperwork, recruitment and risk management. The Chapter Director also assists with recruiting other alumni to get involved. The Chapter Director also is the contact for parents of undergraduates, new members or potential members if they should have any questions or concerns. The Chapter Director is the only position voted on by the chapter.

Faculty Advisor: To promote scholarship…The Faculty Advisor helps with scholarship and programming for the undergraduates. Acting as a liaison between the university and the chapter, the Faculty Advisor can assist with study hours, academic advising and ways to improve/maintain overall chapter GPA and their image on campus. (Must be a faculty member at Penn State Altoona)

Housing Advisor: Image is an important aspect of a college fraternity. Our chapter houses must maintain a safe and livable standard. The Housing Advisor needs to be a contact for the undergraduate House Manager and make sure that fire equipment is checked regularly and remains current, that the house is cleaned through house duties and that there is no safety issues in or around the house and property. If there is a major project that needs to be done, the House Advisor can assist the undergraduate House Manager with making sure the work or maintenance gets done properly. The Housing Advisor must know the Risk Management policy of the Executive Office and the university; and to oversee that the chapter maintains a good relationship with the neighbors and the community that the chapter house is in.

Member Education Advisor: Hazing is a thing of the past and detrimental to what brotherhood and being The New Generation of Leaders is all about. The Member Education Advisor is in contact with the undergraduate Membership Education Chair(s) and makes sure that the new members are being taught the proper values and core ideals of Sigma Pi. The new Foundation of Membership Manual should be used by all New Member Education Chair(s) to teach the new members of Sigma Pi.

Alumni Comptroller (Finance Advisor): The Finance Advisor guides the undergraduate 3rd Counselor (Treasurer) on chapter finances, fundraising, auditing the books and saving/budgeting money for the future of the chapter. The Finance Advisor also is a liaison between the undergraduate chapter and an Alumni Comptroller of a Housing Corporation. The Finance Advisor should also be aware of all of the dues paid per member, what payments the chapter owes the Executive Office and other bills that the chapter may have. The Finance Advisor should be able to see the accounts that the chapter has at a bank and/or with a financial service company.

Alumni Advisor: The Alumni Advisor maintains the lines of communication between the undergraduate chapter and the alumni. This can be done with an e-mail list, a group page and/or an alumni newsletter. The Alumni Advisor maintains communication with the undergraduate 1st Counselor on updates for the alumni of the chapter and in the area. The Alumni Advisor assists in the organization of active/alumni events such as Homecoming, Founders Day, Chapter Formals, golf outings and other events.

Recruitment Advisor: The Recruitment Advisor assists the undergraduate rush chairmen in preparing and executing a recruitment period. The Rush Advisor should know all of the universities policies and the Executive Office policies on recruitment. The Rush Advisor should maintain an open line of communication between the undergraduate chapter brothers and keep them focused on what is the lifeblood of the chapter and the fraternity. The Rush Advisor should also make sure that all the proper forms and fees are submitted to the Executive Office.