The International Student Association of Penn State Altoona is an activity-oriented organization where students from all countries, including the United States, can come together to celebrate and share their cultures. The goal of ISA is to enhance interaction and understanding among the different cultures and groups represented at Penn State Altoona. ISA is a non-political, non-profit group whose missions are to:

*Enhance interaction among international students at Penn State Altoona with one another and with their new environment. 

*Promote interaction between American and International students, and build alliances among the International student community. 

*Cultivate Penn State Altoona's awareness and understanding of the International sector. 

*Promote and discuss issues of concern to International students in a broader context. 

*Encourage students to learn as much as possible about other cultures. 

*Support friendship and understanding among college students on campus through cross-cultural communication. 


Email Chang Lu <cql5103@psu.edu> or Leena Anwar <lsa5036@psu.edu> with a "subscribe ISA" in the subject of the email.