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Adding Yourself To The GSA ANGEL Group:


The following steps will add you to our ANGEL group. Doing so will add you to our email list and make our ANGEL resources available to you. You must have a PSU email account for this to work.


1) Navigate to


2) Login using your PSU logon (same as you use to access your email).


3) Click on Find A Group, located under My Groups in small text.


4) Search for "gsa". You can leave everything else blank.


5) Scroll down and find The Gay-Straight Alliance. Click on "Enroll (no PIN required)".


6) You are now on our mailing list! "The Gay-Straight Alliance" will now be listed under My Groups when you sign on ANGEL. You will access to our various resources, which are available under the Content tab within the GSA ANGEL group.




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