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GSA Office:

GSA Office Location: Slep Student Center, First Floor


OFFICE HOURS for Spring 2007
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday






Office Hours will be announced ASAP. Keep checking!

 Our advisors are always in 8a-5p.









    We pop in and out of the office any time between 10am and 5pm, so if a suitable time isn't listed, swing someone an email or just stop by!



Mailing Address:


PSU Altoona

Slep Student Center, Room 202

3000 Ivyside Dr.

Altoona, PA 16601



Officers & Advisors: Visit the Officers & Advisors page for more information.



Maximlian Terrell President
Cori Frazer Vice President
Avalible Position Secretary  
Avalible Position Treasurer
Available Position Historian  


  Director of Institutional Equity and Diversity, Co-Advisor  



LGBT Emergency Resources:


LGBT Emergency Resources
Weekdays Between 9am and 5pm 24/7

GSA Office: 

Slep Center, First Floor


Jon O'Harrow's Office: 

Smith Building, Room 114W, (814) 949-5105



Campus Police: 

Reichy Bldg. (White house on Ivy Lot), (814) 949-5230

PSU has a Zero Tolerance Policy on  hate crimes and has a history of dealing with these rare occurrences swiftly and effectively. With one exception.

See the Resources & Links section for non-emergency LGBT resources.



There is a safe zone anywhere you see this image.

This is the insignia for the PSU LGBT Support Network. The Network is made up of students, staff and faculty who have sworn to offer LGBT support at all times. All network members are required to display this emblem near their office. The Network itself has many resources. Their resources are listed on their website. The Altoona Campus members are listed here.





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