Constitution And Bylaws  Ratified in October of 2004. Download: .doc .pdf



The Constitution of the Penn State Altoona Gay-Straight Alliance

Article I


                Section 1

The name of the Organization shall be Gay-Straight Alliance (hereby referred to as "Organization").



Article II




                Section 1

To allow a safe atmosphere for students, faculty, and staff of any sexual or gender preference to congregate and discuss gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues.



                Section 2

To promote awareness of crimes against Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and their supporting communities.



                Section 3

To offer the student, faculty, and staff of Penn State Altoona campus the opportunity to support the many variations of sexual or gender preferences.



                Section 4

To help advocate a campus environment which embraces tolerance, acceptance, and respect towards the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities.



Article III




                Section I

Regular membership is open to all Penn State Altoona campus students, faculty, and staff who are in good standing.



                Section 2

Associate membership is open to non students subject to the approval of the Executive Board. Associate members may not hold office, preside, or officiate on behalf of the Organization.



                Section 3

The Organization reserves the right to deny membership to any person displaying negative or disruptive behaviors toward the Organization, its Members, or its Associate Members.



Article IV

Officers & Election



Section 1

The Executive Board of the Organization shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. The Organization Advisor(s) shall have authority to: preside over meetings, preside over votes, and represent the Organization. The Organization Advisor(s) shall be considered as an Officer henceforth unless otherwise noted.



Section 2

Officers of the Organization shall be elected by Officers, Regular Members, and Associate Members of the Organization and shall be reelected every December.



Section 3

The election process shall consist of nomination, a prepared speech by each Nominee, and the vote. Any Member may nominate a Member as long as that Member is eligible to hold office. Self-nomination is valid.



Section 4

Nominees shall present a prepared speech to the voters concerning the nomination. Nominees shall be voted into office by a 2/3 majority vote of attending Members.



Section 5

Newly elected Officer(s) shall shadow their corresponding predecessor from the time of election until the end of the spring semester. The newly elected Officer(s) shall then assume the office they have been elected to at the beginning of the Fall semester following the December election.



Section 6



In the event that an Officer must be expelled from office, a motion of removal may be brought up by any Regular Member, Associate Member, Officer, or Advisor. The motion of removal must be seconded, upon which a vote will be taken. Officer expulsion is successful with 2/3 majority vote of all Members in attendance in favor of expulsion. Regular Members, Associate Members, and Officers may vote, including the Officer of interest.



Section 7


In the event that an Executive Officer position is open, it shall be filled as soon as possible. Nomination may be raised and a vote may be held at any time during the Executive Officer position opening, but only during a formal meeting of the Organization, over which an Organization Advisor or Officer must preside.



Article V

Duties of Elected Officers



                Section 1

The Duties of the President shall include:

A. to serve as the chief administrative officer

B. to preside over the meeting of the Organization

C. to appoint members and chairpersons of all committees

D. to serve on all committees ex-officio

E. to call any special meeting of the membership

F. to initiate programs and projects he/she deems necessary

G. to represent the organization in all dealings with affiliated organizations, administration of the University, and the community.



                Section 2

The Duties of the Vice President shall include:

A. to preside over the meetings of the organization in the absence of the President

B. to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to him/her by the President

C. to define all duties and responsibilities to chairpersons and provide any assistance to chairpersons in the fulfillment of their duties.



                Section 3

The Duties of the Secretary shall include:

A. to assist the President with official correspondence of the Organization

B. to maintain and post the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Organization, and post them at an area where the Organization designates

C. to keep a revised copy of the Constitution and Bylaws available for members at all times and distribute to the membership any changes in the Bylaws

D. in absence of the President and Vice President, to preside over the meeting of the Organization.



                Section 4









The Duties of the Treasurer shall include:

A. to be responsible for the collection and accounting of all dues, fees, and other monies belonging to the Organization

B. to collect any fines

C. to represent the Organization at the annual budget hearings held by the Student Government Association (SGA)

D. to submit semesteral budgets

E. in absence of the President, Vice President, and Secretary, to preside over the meeting of the Organization.

              Section 5

The Duties of the Historian shall include:

A. to be responsible for the collection, filing, and maintenance of records, including but not limited to: photos and other media, historical documents, Organization awards, and informational pamphlets.

B. to maintain the GSA photo album either in physical, digital, or both forms, depending on the instruction of the President.

C. in absence of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, to preside over the meeting of the Organization.



Article VI

Amendments to the Constitutions and Bylaws



                Section 1

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws shall be submitted in writing one week prior to heir consideration of the President.



                Section 2

These amendments will be discussed at the next scheduled meeting of the group.



                Section 3

All amendments to the bylaws require a two thirds (2/3) vote without Officers for passage.



                Section 4

All amendments to the constitution require two thirds (2/3) vote and the majority of the Officers.

Ratified October 2004, Last modifications voted in on 3/22/06


Copyright 2007; Gay Straight Alliance


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