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Welcome! For those of you who have not attended our meetings, don't be shy! Come have fun at our social meetings or help plan events at the planning meetings. All meetings are held at the Altoona campus. All our activities and events are listed on our Event Calendar. Check back for occasional News & Announcements from the LGBT community. Send an email to our President if you would like to receive our weekly e-mail newsletter or simply add yourself to our email list. If you ever need to report an LGBT hate crime click here. PSU has a Zero Tolerance Policy on such crimes and has a history of swiftly and effectively responding to these rare campus occurrences. Not sure what LGBT means? Visit our LGBT Dictionary page!



Announcement: Event Calendar Update


We've finally updated the events listing and this semester's meeting times! Also check out Recent News for LGBT award nominations!


Fall 08 Meetings 

 Thursdays @ 12:10 in 261 Hawthorn

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P e n n  S t a t e  A l t o o n a ’s     

                                      GSA: Gay-Straight Alliance






 What are we?


The Gay-Straight Alliance seeks to prevent hate and homophobia on our campus through the promotion of understanding and tolerance. While gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights are our mission, over half of the organization consists of straight people who recognize that LGBT people have a right to be who they are. The organization is mainly run by an executive student board which is elected by GSA student members. The GSA membership consists of PSU students, staff, and faculty, as well as some non-student community members.





We think it is important for the world to embrace—if not celebrate—our differences. How would you feel if the government passed a law that said you must wear a grey uniform at all times? What if you decided not to wear that uniform, but by doing so merely walking down the street brought you repeated threats, ridicule, and physical beatings? In many parts of the U.S.A. and the world this is how gays, lesbians, bisexuals, the transgendered, and their allies are treated. Our Gay-Straight Alliance is made up of people who don’t think anyone should have to wear a social uniform and recognize the need for change.





Each semester the Gay-Straight Alliance organizes and sponsors many activities which bring people together through fun and common interest. We support those who have been victimized by hate crimes, and actively prevent such hate crimes. We locally campaign for LGBT rights and watch for bills and laws that may promote discrimination or unfair treatment.



What does GLBT or LGBT mean?


LGBT is a term which usually implies the more inclusive forms LGBTQQI or LGBTQQIA, which is short for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Allies, where an ally is someone who advocates for and supports members of the LGBT community. It is typically used as a comprehensive term which references those peoples and/or the LGBT community. There are several variations such as GLBT, LGBT, LGBTA, LGBTQ, LGBTQQIA and more which refer to the same set of terms. This site has a fairly extensive list of other LGBT terms.



How do I join?


If you would like to join the Gay-Straight Alliance, send an email to any of the officers or advisors and request to be put on the roster. Include your name, email address, any contact information you wish to provide, and be sure to note whether or not you wish to be kept anonymous. All members are added to our email list and receive a weekly newsletter which includes our meeting minutes and notables. Only PSU students attending the Altoona campus may vote in our officer elections as per our Constitution but anyone can be a member!





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