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Essential Supreme Court Links

The US Constitution: A great cyber-space document; link around to what you want.

Current Justices Supreme Court: See the Justices' photographs and brief biographies.

Supreme Court term review: A good review of the Court's last term - 1996-97 .

Oyez Oyez Oyez: Listen to oral arguments of the our most important case since 1955, A great site!

Hermes Law Project: Provides information regarding thousands of Supreme Court decisions.

325 Great Supreme Court Cases: Read the opinions that have changed our country.

FindLaw: This source provides information regarding Supreme Court decisions from 1906-Present.

Court TV: Yes, even cable televison recognizes our most Honorable Court!

Federal News Service: Read the most up to date information on the Feds and the Supreme Court.

Myriad of Law Libraries: Over 40 law libraries to choose from, YAHOO!

Supreme Court Rules: Here it is! Read all billion pages of the Supreme Court Rules and procedures.

Aurthur Miller's Supreme Court Challenge: Try this quiz page from a Harvard prof (Harvard-Big Deal!).

State Supreme Courts

Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Can you warn people of speed traps with your headlights in daytime?

Alaska Supreme Court: Yes, they have one!

Arkansas Supreme Court: Arkansas, honest as the day is...well a day.

Arizona Supreme Court: Meet the justices with the best sinuses.

California Supreme Court: Ronald McDonald's best friend, besides Mayor McCheese.

Colorado Supreme Court: The skiing negligence torts here are particularly riveting.

Connecticut Supreme Court: Connecticut, where New York City keeps its nice people.

Delaware Supreme Court (from Widener): Delaware, where Pennsylvania keeps its beaches.

Florida Supreme Court: Florida, also known as the Lord's waiting room.

Georgia Supreme Court: Georgia, Ted Turner's summer home.

Hawai'i Supreme Court: Read about a teacher who felt her death threat to her principal has 1st Amendment protection.

Indiana Supreme Court: Indiania, a good place to be from --- far from.

Kansas Supreme Court: Access this page, turn on Dark Side of the Moon and nothing will happen.

Maine Supreme Court: Wow, Maine, the frontier of justice - how exciting!.

Mississippi Supreme Court: What has four eyes and can't see? You, if you don't get this joke.

New Hampshire Supreme Court: A heavy case load of squirrel and moose civil suits.

Nueva Jersey Supreme Court: In New Jersey v. City of Philadelphia it was found that garbage is commerce.

North Carolina Supreme Court: They call this page the INSIDER. Obviously NC has much to keep secret.

Oklahoma Supreme Court: Oklahoma, what could possibly happen there?

South Dakota Supreme Court Homepage: See the pretty little picture.

South Dakota Supreme Court Opinions: Obviously with 17 cases they were quite busy in '96.

Tennessee Supreme Court: Home of Vanderbilt, Yeah!!!

Texas Supreme Court: Justice - Texas style, God help us all.

Utah Supreme Court: Still under construction, but usable - kind of like the whole state really.

Vermont Supreme Court: Read the earth-shattering cases of Canada, I mean Vermont.

Virginia Supreme Court: Virginia, the place for lovers - Really, what place isn't?

Washington Supreme Court: Two spotted owls sit on the court.

Wyoming Supreme Court: Their court's library is temporarily shut-down, someone did not return the book.

Courts Around The World

Australia - Queensland Supreme Court

Canada - Supreme Court

Canada - Supreme Court opinions

Wow, even more Candian Supreme Court opinions:

Canada - Supreme Court of Victoria

Bundesgerichtshof--?? The Supreme court of Germany, bring your translator!

Israel - Supreme Court Building

Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Naccion - Supreme Court of Mexico

Supreme Court of Zambia? - Yes, Zambia.

Hot Constitutional Issues

4th Amendment reaction column on a Supreme Court Decision in 3/96

Supreme Court Disallows Recovery of cleanup costs (RCRA 3/96)

Supreme Court Hurries Habeas Challenge (5/96)

Houston Chronicle: Supreme Court did not OK animal sacrifices (6/97)



Online Backgrounders: a great "journalistic" recap of 1996 term (7/96)

Physician Assisted Suicide

Briefs of the Court's big Physician Assisted Suicide cases

U.S. Supreme Court Set to Hear Arguments Over English-Only Law (12/96)

Colorado Supreme Court to rule on Anti-Gay Amendment 2...

Missouri Supreme Court endorses Affirmative Action...

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