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Lambda Chapter of the Pennsylvania State University Announces:


The 2017 Sukhi and Delania Jolly Phi Beta Kappa Thesis Prize Competition



The Penn State Chapter (Lambda of Pennsylvania) of Phi Beta Kappa will award its Sukhi and Delania Jolly Thesis Prize of $1250 to a meritorious research project completed in an eligible field by a Schreyer Scholar for his or her honors thesis. Award recipients must be majoring and/or have the thesis completed in a discipline included within Phi Beta Kappa. Virtually all majors in the College of Liberal Arts and in the Eberly College of Science fall into this category, as well as numerous others in a number of other Penn State colleges. A list of approved majors is available at the chapter website, and also below. Besides the quality of the thesis itself, the potential for the student to continue making significant contributions to one or more liberal studies fields will also be considered.

Application for this award consists of an electronic submission posted on ANGEL of the following items:

  1. the completed thesis;
  2. a letter of support from the thesis adviser; and
  3. a 1-2 page statement by the student on the role the thesis has played in his or her overall intellectual development, and on future plans, especially as those intersect with liberal studies.

An e-mail notification of intent to apply, together with the name and e-mail address of the thesis advisor, should be sent to Awards Chair Prof. Thomas Beebee at no later than April 10, 2017. This is so that the applicant and adviser can be added to the group.

All application materials must be submitted no later than Friday, April 14, 2017. Late submissions will not be considered. Electronic versions of the three documents should be posted by the applicant and thesis advisor in an ANGEL Group Drop Box created for this purpose. (Applicants and thesis advisors will be joined to the ANGEL Group when the notification of intent to apply is received.)

Please contact Prof. Beebee at if you have any questions.







About Phi Beta Kappa:

What do six of the current Supreme Court justices, presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr., Condoleeza Rice, James A. Michener, John Updike, Elizabeth Dole, Benazir Bhutto, Stephen Sondheim, Dr. Jonas Salk, poet laureate Rita Dove,  Buffalo Bills coach Marvin Levy have in common?

They are all members of the oldest, most respected honorary society in America: Phi Beta Kappa.

Today the living membership of Phi Beta Kappa amounts to about half a million. Of course, not all of the members are as prominent as those just mentioned, but all members have distinguished themselves academically and received that most coveted of invitations, to join an organization that recognizes and encourages a commitment to excellence in the liberal arts.

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If you have questions, please contact Dr. Thomas O. Beebee (Dartmouth, Alpha of New Hampshire).